Diagnostic Screenings and Assessments

Sometimes we struggle with work, school, in our relationships, and perhaps in other areas as well. But we’re not sure what’s wrong or what to do about it. One of my specialties is that I can help you assess and determine areas of strength and weakness and develop some recommendations, often in collaboration with you, to know where to focus your energy.

These are considered brief evaluations or screenings. If you require a comprehensive assessment, I can work to provide you referrals to specialists (i.e., neuropsychologist). If you are not sure if a brief assessment will fit your needs, we can discuss your situation. I may be able to provide diagnostic clarification for children, adolescents, or adults for problems such as:

  • Cognitive Assessment ($500)
  • Social-Emotional Assessment for Children, Adolescents, or Adults ($1,000)
  • Complete Learning Profile for Academic Learning Disabilities, including reading, writing, and mathematics ($2,500)
  • ADHD/Executive Functioning Evaluation ($2,000)
  • Adolescent/Adult Transition “Life Plan” Assessment ($1,500)
  • Senior Neurocognitive Assessment ($1,000); Retest for decline ($500)

Note: I do not currently test with the ADOS, which is among the most useful tools for diagnosing autism. Therefore, I am not providing autism-specific evaluations except for those with fairly pronounced symptoms or clear developmental indicators. You can contact me to consider a Social Emotional Profile Assessment.

Please see Fees page for more information regarding payment options.

Waiting list for testing now OPEN! To schedule a free phone call or zoom consultation.

To put your name on the Assessment Waiting List. Assessments to be scheduled starting January 2023.

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