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Dr. Julie Keen

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

You’re a real person having a real life with real problems, and we all need a little help sometimes. We all have room to grow, things we can work on, areas of our life that need polishing.

I will do everything I can to help you on track.

I specialize in assessment, helping you to figure out strengths and weaknesses, and then talk with you about what kinds of supports or strategies you may need to offset those weaknesses for you to be the best version of yourself.

I try to use short-term treatment and solution-focused techniques to help us get from A to B.

I also work with people to hone their presentation in all parts of your life, but particularly in the workplace. How do you want to show up? How do you want to be known. Leadership skills are important – you want to be the hero in your own story, whether it’s for work or in your personal life. Almost every memorable hero has to undergo challenges to win the day – what kind of hero are you going to be?

Julie and Maggie


Registered Therapy Animal

Animal-assisted activities are a growing field that uses dogs or other animals to help people recover from distress or cope with other health or mental health problems. They also provide comfort and enjoyment for people. Maggie and Dr. Keen are a registered animal therapy team with Tails of Joy; you can click here for more information: https://www.tailsofjoy.org.

Now providing Psychology Services to the Greater Myrtle Beach, SC area: Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Carolina Forest, Conway, and region

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