Testing & Consultation

I provide a range of assessments that involve interviewing, checklists, direct assessment, and observations.

Some of the areas I assess include:

•Cognitive Delays
•Developmental Delays
•Head Injuries
•Learning Problems
•Autism & Social Communication problems
•Emotional Symptoms, including Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma
Fees generally range from $500-$2500 based on the assessment requested, which will be determined at an initial free consultation call.  We customize your evaluation to meet your needs.

To submit a Testing Inquiry and be scheduled for a free consultation call, click below!

In addition to testing, I also offer consultation and support for reviewing testing completed by other parties and helping you to utilize those results to develop and implement recommendations that support you and/or your child and your family. If you feel you need support communicating your/your child’s needs in the school or work setting, I’m also available to attend planning meetings with you. I am not a lawyer and cannot offer legal advice, but there is information available to the pubic about your rights (Americans with Disabilities Act for workplace accommodations) or Individuals with Disabilities Education Act for school accommodations) that we can review and make sure you understand so that you can be an effective advocate.

I do not accept insurance at this time; you can find my rates on my Fees page.

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