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“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” ~ Bill Gates


The workforce changes rapidly and companies have to keep up! Change is hard, but it can be made easier when you provide your employees the training and skills to keep pace with your company’s goals and mission. I can provide a multitude of workshops or coaching to employees that might need guidance on emotional intelligence, individuals that you might be preparing for advancement, or executive coaching skills for advanced managers/directors to further improve their ability to influence and create productive teams.

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Level I: Level Up Your Leadership – Register Here!

6-Session Series

Early Bird Registration (4+ weeks prior to first session) $675
Standard Registration (<4 weeks prior to first session) $695

  • Self-Reflection & Self-Awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence and Nonverbal Communication
  • Setting Health Boundaries
  • Recognizing and Managing Productive Conflict
  • Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback
  • Delegation and Accountability

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Level II: Intensive Deep Dive on Leadership Skills

Individual Workshops ($225 per session) or 4-Session Series ($750)

  • Building Your Leadership Avatar
  • Accountability for your team initiatives: A Project
  • Communication and Performance Reviews
  • Urgent vs. Important: Prioritizing your Agenda

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These workshops have helped me tremendously with hard conversations. The accountability projects brought a lot of stuff to light and helped my department start to function at a higher level.

Erin Campbell, Call Center Supervisor

I’ve gained a lot of self-awareness from the workshops, specifically around how my confidence affects my influence. I have more tools to work on myself which in turn gives me a stronger foundation to implement changes I want to see.

Michelle B., Client Care Coordinator Supervisor

Every single thing we have gone over has given me the tools I need to be a good leader, friend, coworker, employee. I don’t think I would have become as successful in my position if I had not been apart in my position if I had not been a part of our leadership meetings.

Alexis Streeter, Specialty Surgery Lead

I just have to say how much this has made me grow, look at myself in a better way, and has taught me to be a better leader.

Kimberly Bill, Supervisor Reception

One of the most important things that I learned from the leadership series was accountability, both for myself and others. Since I am so new to managing, it is definitely something that I would not have thought about otherwise.

Gianna, Financial Manager

Thank you for our one-on-one. It helped me choose my next “self-project.”

Assistant Hospital Manager

I have become a better person, not just a better leader. We have benefited with an entire leadership team that practices hard work, empathy, and loyalty, daily.

Maggie Murphy, Specialty Hospital Manager

I learned how to communicate with confidence.

Stephanie Pieta, ER Hospital Manager

I think I have benefitted from this leadership group because it’s helped me to feel like I am not alone in my daily struggles. It has given me more confidence as a manager.

Valyn Dolinksi, Floor Manager

When I started with Dr. Keen, I was essentially just starting my leadership role with Pieper. Having her there for the whole process of climbing the ladder so to speak was a huge opportunity I’m thankful for. There is now thought and follow through with projects that seemed to be missing before. Our management style as a team has changed in a way that benefits our company as a whole.

Allyson Fotheringhame, Practice Manager

Delegation was one of the most important topics. It gives me more time to do my tasks. It also builds trust with the staff member you’re asking to perform the tasks. Differentiating between urgent and important is very helpful for being able to step back and analyze and organize my thoughts.

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